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Inlet Point Plantation Horseback Riding

Inlet Point Plantation Horseback Riding  | North Myrtle Beach, SC

Myrtle Beach SC - Horseback Riding

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Giddy-up, old Paint

First, you don’t have to be a skilled rider to enjoy this trip. I hadn’t been on a horse since I was 12, but when the opportunity arose to saddle up, my husband, Bob, and I jumped at the chance. I must admit to being a bit apprehensive. Those babies are big – really big. My fears, however, were groundless. Our guide, Jason, introduced us to our horses – Jesse, the Quarter Horse was mine, and Tonto, the American Paint, was assigned to Bob. These weren’t tired old nags, but they weren’t spring chickens, either. Jason explained that it was a job the horses seemed to enjoy, and as we mounted and walked toward the beach, I could feel Jesse’s gait pick up a bit.

Cresting the hill, the all-but-deserted island sand awaited. It was magnificent. There were shrimp boats, a jet ski or two and many seagulls, but that was about it. Far to the right, across the inlet, I could barely see the high rises of North Myrtle Beach – but they seemed a million miles away.

In all, the plantation covers about 4,000 acres. Waites Island, which we reached via a small bridge, is private, and covers more than 1,200 acres. The Smith family owns and runs Inlet Point Plantation, which has had its share of historical visitors, and was once the site of Fort Randall. The open fields near the stables were cleared by Confederate soldiers, and legend has it that Billy the Kid lived here, and Blackbeard, the pirate, took refuge here as well. There are Native American burial grounds and archeological artifacts dating back to 600 BCE.

Today, almost 50 horses live here, and some have the run of the plantation. Visitors are urged to tred lightly on this land, preserving its wilderness state.

WOW Factor: The horses are beautiful and very well-trained, and the staff is professional and friendly. They want you to have fun, stay safe, and take in the beauty surrounding your walk.

Hint: Beach Dreams Photography will take a few photos of your visit. You aren’t pressured to buy, but you’ll want a reminder of a wonderful day. Wear sunscreen, and depending on the time of year, insect repellent. Listen to your guide, who’s done this a time or two. Reservations are required.

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