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Living green … it’s a moving target.

There are few who would object to a healthier, more comfortable home that’s good for the environment and less costly to maintain … in other words, a green home.

So is a green home and lifestyle worth the extra effort? Is it worth the research and upfront costs needed to find one’s way through the green maze? Fortunately, we nearly always hear a resounding “yes” from happy and enthusiastic green homeowners. That’s because the benefits are as vast as the options. Scroll down and learn more! ⏬

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You don’t have to change everything, but get to know the terms and descriptions, including New Urbanism and why it matters. Start with a few alterations, including those found in our 12 Steps to Green. Programmable thermostats, buying local and recycling are some of our favs.  

And for Carolinas-bound families, find the architects and builders who not only talk the talk but walk the walk.  They know how to build your dream in green because they do it every day.

And it doesn’t stop with the building.  Landscaping can be very green (no pun intended). Rain barrels and composting are just the beginning.  Plants and methods matter, too.

You don’t have to start from scratch. Green renovations make a huge difference. Our antique and junk-tique shops hold great re-usable treasures.

Think sustainable,  too and no matter what your age, universal home design is worth considering.

What you do matters – to keep you and yours safe and healthy and to make sure future generations flourish.  It’s great to be green!